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Haacke Associates presently specialises in the following areas, whether for small, private home owners or to government and large organisations, utilising over 50 years of industry experience and highly knowledgeable staff.
We also can advise on legal matters and are well experienced in expropriation claims. As professionally registered valuers, we also specialise in the preparation and handling of expropriation claims evidence in Supreme court matters.
Our key focuses across Residential, Corporate, Industrial and Agricultural are:

Property consulting and valuation services to: Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal,  Western Cape, Free State, Nothern Cape, North West, Eastern Cape. See areas of operations

Residential / Corporate / Government Property Valuations


What is Property Valuation?:

“A valuer is a professional who has been educated and trained to determine the value of fixed property, execute feasibility studies and provide expert advice on property-related matters. An independent valuer can provide impartial and motivated reports on the value of real or limited rights to land” – The Valuers Manual

As professional valuers we provide market valuations and services for the following, but not limited to:

  • Residential property valuation

  • Commercial property valuation

  • Industrial property valuation

  • Agricultural Holding valuation

  • Golf Course valuation

  • Race course valuation

  • Commercial farms

  • Retirement Centres

  • Township developments

  • Sectional Titles

  • Determining compensation for and against expropriations

  • Determining compensation for and against servitudes

  • Filling station

  • Lease agreements

  • Municipal rate objections and revaluations (specialists)

  • Insolvent and deceased estates valuation & servicing

  • Litigation and court attendance.

Property Land Surveying


What is Land Surveying?:

Land Surveying is the science of accurately measuring and mapping of terrestrial or three-dimensional position of points and distances above, on or beneath the surface of the earth using specialised technology and equipment.

Surveying can be regarded as a discipline that encompasses all methods of gathering and processing information with regard to the physical elements of the earth and the environment.

Our fields of expertise:

  • Surveying of boundary lines

  • Surveying of township

  • Drawing of general plans and diagrams

  • Surveying of servitudes

  • Surveying of building lines

  • Surveying of Sectional Title units

Property Rezoning & Town Planning


What is Town Planning?:

Town and Regional Planning is a multi-disciplinary field that ensures the orderly development, planning, design and use of land within the urban environment. Planners are crucial in in managing the growth of cities in strategic and sustainable ways and aims to create more convenient, equitable and efficient places for present and future generations.

The discipline of planning has many different facets, including: sustainable development, spatial planning, land use management, housing, urban regeneration, environmental management, local economic development and urban design.

We, as Town Planners at Haacke Associates, specialise in the facets of land use management, housing and urban design. Working closely with local councils, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining information and providing advice in procuring the highest potential use and rights for their properties.

We are able to assist our clients with the formal procedures of preparing and submitting the following applications to Council:

  • Township Establishment

  • Property Subdivision

  • Consolidation

  • Consent use

  • Property Rezoning

  • Relaxation of building lines

  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions

  • Change of circumstances

  • Designing and arrangement of township layouts

  • Drafting of subdivision and consolidation diagrams

  • Attendance and representation at Tribunal Hearings

  • Urban development & planning

  • High capacity urban planning

Property Consulting

Consultation and support on other property matters:

  • Compensation claims in expropriation matters.

  • Legal issues consultation

  • Handling of township applications and usage rights

  • Removal of restrictions and redifiniton of urban rights

  • Municipal rate objections and revaluations (specialists)

  • Determination of Capital Gains arising from property developments

  • Advice and supervisory of actual property development

  • Preparation and handling of expropriation claims evidence

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  • Professional and Technical Surveyors’ Act 40 of 1984 

  • Property Valuers Profession Act 47 of 2000 

  • Planning Professions Act 36 of 2002 

  • Registered Estate Agent